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Increased Community Participation

How does Next Wave provide Increased Community Participation?


Your Support Coordinator or Recovery Coach can look to match you with the right team member at Next Wave to further discuss your:

  • Your interests, passions and skill development

Next Wave team members have qualifications in Socal work, Mental Health, Trauma Counselling, Disability Employment, Youth, Justice and Community Development.

Using your Increased Community Participation funding in your capacity building supports, we are able to assist you with:

  • Life Transition Planning Incl. Mentoring Peer-Support And IndivSkillDevelop

  • Innovative Community Participation

  • Skills Development And Training

  • Community Participation Activities

This can include:

  • seeking employment or volunteering opportunities:

  • Building your support networks 

  • Budgeting and informed decision making

  • Developing new skills

  • Seeking new and innovative activities in the community; such as peer groups, taking part in Community of Practices, study and more.

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